Material: White Gold

Size: 39 mm

Thickness: 6,8 mm

Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Wristlet: Genuine Alligator

Caseback: Open

Water resistant: 30 m

Weight: 73 g




Craft: Polynesian mother-of-pearl dials hand-painted


Second (6h), Hour / minute hand


Unique piece N° 01/01
76 diamonds (1.37ct)

‘Arts and Crafts’


All six works of art have been given a lyrical handling in true Asian style. Unique pieces crafted in white gold with diamond settings and hand-painted mother-of-pearl dials evocative of the profound mysticism of Buddhism.


Enamel disc hand-painted on Polynesian mother-of-pearl


At 6 o’clock on each piece is a rotating disc linked to the mechanical calibre. The initiated eye of the seasoned traveller will instantly recognise the reference to a common mode of Buddhist expression: six Tibetan prayer inscriptions, each addressing its own specific divinity whose earthly representation is depicted in minute detail over the remaining surface of the dial.

This fine piece of artistic achievement, housed beneath a sapphire crystal, is the work of André Martinez, a miniaturist residing in Le Locle in Switzerland, renowned in the field of luxury watchmaking and artistic enamelling. The mini masterpiece occupies a plain dial disc made of original Polynesian mother-of-pearl, free of indices, deliberately bereft of any watchmaking indications to leave a maximum amount of space to accommodate the richly colourful adornments and fine attention to detail. A bezel set with pure diamonds frames and sublimates the precious work of the enamellist.

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